Complimentary Site Analysis

Where does your website stand in 2019/2020?

Before you answer the questions below, open your current website, read the question, then apply the question to your site before you answer.

Your answers will vary based on a few factors, age of your site, trends in place at the time of the build, and the content you added to name a few.

Take a second to answer the questions below NLS Media Group will evaluate your current site and schedule time to lay out a road map that will bring your on-line presence current.

Without clicking any links, does a visitor know what your business is about just by looking at your home page?
Does your website address any of these in detail?
Are any of these highlighted on the home page?
Are they factoring into your SEO efforts?
Do you have Google Analytics installed?
If yes, do you ever measure your results?

website design and development services Reading Berks County Pa.
website design and development services evaluation Reading Berks County Pa.